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Laerdal Baby Anne 4pk.
Baby Anne™ is an excellent training manikin for teaching Infant CPR. It has a unique, built-in foreign body airway obstruction feature, and an inexpensive, easy to maintain airway system designed for one-to-one student-to-manikin practice. Comes with a soft pack bag with storage space for accessories. Baby Anne™ Quad Pack includes 4 Baby Anne™ manikins, 24 airways, 40 foreign body practice objects, and direction for use, all in an easy to handle Quad Soft Pack Bag.
Little Anne 4pk.
Four Pack includes: 4 Manikins, Soft Pack, 8 Resusci Manikin Faces, 8 Little Anne™ Airways, 24 Resusci Manikin Wipes, and directions for use.
Little Annie Replacement Lungs-Pk. 24
Box of 24
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Baby Anne Airways
Baby Anne Faces
6 manikin faces
Baby Anne Jaws
Baby Anne Manikin Jaw
Baby Anne Mask Connector
Little Anne Adult Manikin Faces
Removable face mask can be used on a one-per-student basis, or continuously with normal disinfection between students. Fits on Resusci Anne Manikins and Little Anne Manikins. Manikin face masks are realistic and have soft nostrils to facilitate correct nose pinch. Pkg/6
Little Anne Practice Torso (single)
This Laerdal Manikin offers realistic airway and compression resistance for learning and perfecting mouth-to-mouth and CPR functions. Affordably priced, the Little Anne™ Practice Torso has audible compression clicker, 2 Resusci faces, 2 airways, 6 manikin wipes, instruction manual, and softpack carrying case that opens to form a training mat.
Little Junior™ Manikin
The Little Junior™ emulates the torso of a 5-year-old child. Manikin features oral and nasal passages, head tilt/chin lift and jaw thrust, realistic airway, anatomical landmarks, realistic chest compliance, and audible feedback for chest compressions. Hygienic and convenient, Little Junior comes complete with manikin, 2 faces, 2 airways, 6 manikin wipes, directions, and softpack carry case which doubles as a kneeling mat.